I have been around animals since I was a child and I got my first dog in 1999, a sweet Boarder Collie named Megan. I have had dogs ever since. I enjoy caring for animals, it's the love of my life! Over the years I have had 16 dogs, 12 puppies, and my family had several dogs while I was growing up.

I like to go on nature walks and I love to have a dog along for my walks. I am looking forward to walking your dog while in my care, or coming to your home to walk your dog in your neighborhood for you.

that's me!

I'm Dena, and this is my dog Lady! She is a 11 year old Pomchi and the sweetest thing there is. I adopted Lady from a rescue group when she was 11 months old. She was found on the streets not in good shape at all. Her foster family nursed her to good health and helped her develop social skills. She is a little timid at first, but is great with both people and other dogs. Lady has been around many different dogs all of her life and enjoys having a pal to hang around with. 

hello friends!

In my spare time you will find me doing puzzles, bird watching, spending time with my family, color designs of animals/nature or playing games

I love to care for animals.

My all time favorite movies are the Heartland Series and Little House on the Parie

My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chip.

My first dog's name was Megan.

Fun facts about me:

Aiden is a rescue dog I cared for until he left my home to be placed with a forever family. 


"Dena is so good with him too, you can tell she has a genuine love for all dogs."


"Madi loves hanging out at Dena’s house! She always has lots of love and attention, and great snuggle times, which she loves!"


Meet some furry friends that I've helped!